Live from the message boards: It’s clear to some West Virginia fans that Dana Holgorsen is in way over his head

dana holgorsenEvery week of the college football season, we check in to see how a fanbase is handling either a tough loss or an unexpected loss. Today, we check on the West Virginia Mountaineers fanbase after watching Maryland dismantle their team 37-0. And despite watching a Dana Holgorsen lead Mountaineer team drop 70 on Clemson in the Orange Bowl in 2011, fans now believe that Holgorsen is not head coaching material.

Things get kicked off with this:

1) Dana is in way over his head, and is not head coaching material. He is to college football what Norv Turner is to the NFL.
2) the ONLY chance we had this year was if we could dominate the line of scrimmage and pound the rock, which would in turn allow us to throw the ball
3) our stable of running backs is good enough to accomplish #2
4) our offensive line is soft, and pathetic, making it impossible to accomplish #2
5) a consistent running game would allow any of our QBs to “manage” the game, without it none of them can accomplish that
6) if Childress is the best we have, we are in trouble…..and we we are
7) Trickett probably isn’t the answer, but he has not been given a fair shot
8) Our defense did not play badly today, and has actually played well all year
9) Our defense plays physical…I like it
10)Patterson is doing a fine job, and I will be surprised if he comes back next year. A shame.
11) DeForrest stinks up everything he touches
12) Holgorson is not the answer

And from there, Mountaineer fans drop in to either agree with or add to the points above.

Here’s a fact: we lost to Maryland and the offense was ineffective.

I have seen little out of Dana that gives me any real hope that he can become a quality head coach at this level.

Awful game management, poor game planning, pitiful management of personnel, aside from the fact that he acts like a flat out a*^hole most of the time.

Bad programs always say “wait until next year”

8 wins next year is a mirage.

7 points in 2 games vs D1

That is a historically bad track to be on man, there is absolutely nothing to spin, we are a very bad football team and certainly not 1 year away from righting the ship.

this Maryland team is average \ slightly above average, and no more.

losing 37-0 to that team is completely unacceptable

Looks like the golden boy isn’t very golden in Morgantown anymore.

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