Live from the message boards: Florida fans think it’s time to pull the plug

will muschampEvery week of the college football season, we check in to see how a fanbase in handling either a tough loss or an unexpected loss. Today, we check on the Florida Gators fanbase after an unexpected loss to Miami. And in their opinion, it’s time to pull the plug on the Will Muschamp era.

We’ll get things started with this:

Will Muschamp needs to go. I hate to say it because as a person I like him. I like his fiery attitude. But let’s be honest here. We should be curb-stomping this Miami team. they suck . We have penalty after penalty, turnover after turnover and they still only win by five points?

Our playbook is run up the middle…run up the middle… pass…punt. Who are we gonna beat with this? Kentucky? Florida has superior athletes. When you have superior athletes and you have a conservative game plan you get,,,Ron Zook. This guy has to go. We are no Alabama. All the people who were screaming at how the spread was too gimmicky and Bama just stuffed the ball down our throats and that’s what we need to do…you were wrong then and still are.

You have to be who you are. Michigan learned this the hard way and now, so are we. Open up the offense or get someone in here who will.

And we’re off.

Exactly. ‘But Bama does it and wins!’ Who the hell cares? The state of Florida produces more NFL skill talent than any state in the country. Why are we abandoning that to play like someone else? I don’t think it’s a coincidence we’ve had to settle for second rate QB’s and receivers for the most part, no prolific skill player wants to play in this garbage. And while we try to imitate Bama the better skill players in the state are going to FSU, Miami, and out of state. FSU’s top four receivers would all be our #1 targets. But hey let’s line up in the I and run, run, pass then punt. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Miami, FSU, and UF all won titles by getting athletes in space and letting them work. Offenses are getting more wide open with the rules benefitting them to boot and we decide to go backwards offensively. It’s awful to watch.

Exactly. Players from Florida want to get out and run and make big plays. They are not interested in winning 16-14 every week. They want to have fun out there. The QBs want to throw it and the WRs want to catch it and run. they didn’t grow up chasing rabbits in the Cane fields to run the damn bubble screen! I thought we learned this lesson with Zook, Hall, Pell and Dickey.

If we had inferior athletes, this scheme would be genius. Hey look! We almost upset Miami!! We do not have inferior athletes Will!! THROW THE DAMN BALL DOWN THE DAMN FIELD!!

Then, the focus shifts from Will Muschamp to Florida quarterback, Jeff Driskel:

If you guys cannot see that Driskel is THE reason this team is held back I have to say I have no respect for your opinions any longer. The kid is the worst that’s ever played at UF and the worst bust ever rated as high as he is. He literally can’t even read the RB out of the backfield hot. That’s downright pathetic and he should quit

If driskel were at osu, running the spread, he would be all big 10. His limitations are obvious. If you put him in the pocket, he will hold the ball, throw picks, get sacked and fumble. This staff keeps putting him in the pocket. Who’s fault is it? Who’s fault is it that in 3 years that’s the best quarterback we have to run a pro style offense? Grier is 2 years away from starting. Hope he can play.

We can agree on some of that. Driskel is pretty bad at passing when he lines up under center. He is not a pocket passer, one thing I would do if I were Pease is line him up in the shotgun every play. He just might end up doing that after this fiasco.

And finally, Will Muschamp gets a new nickname:

I agree. We are dealing with muschzook

Cold blooded.

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