Live from the message board: Nebraska fans think they’ve finally seen the real Bo Pelini

bo-peliniNormally, this space is reserved as a way to check in on a fanbase handling either a tough loss or an unexpected loss. But in the wake of Deadspin releasing audio of Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini forcefully saying ‘F-you, F-all when talking about Nebraska fans and the media, a check in on the Nebraska fanbase is in order. And in the minds of some of fans, this is the real Bo Pelini.

Before we get to the fans, here’s the audio of Pelini’s comments, which are of course NSFW.

Now onto the fanbase reaction. We’ll kick things off with this:

Screw this a$$hole.

Mods feel free to ban me but this guys is garbage. I’m done with the University of Nebraska until he is fired.

And we’re off:

I can’t believe some people just don’t get it either???????
It’s what Bo Pelini REALLY thinks… let that sink in awhile.

From there, a couple of fans chime with what they think Pelini fans really want to say to Nebraska fans.

Hey, Husker Fans. You can all go screw yourselves. That being said, please get on your feet and cheer me on this weekend.

With love (not really),


Hey Husker Fans,

You don’t know this, but, I’ve been bull-ish-ing you about the Nebraska way from day one. I actually hate the way you all react to stuff, but as the audio indicates, I’ve been trying to get another job, so to hell with you. Let me know if you need anything from me. Cheers.


Then finally, one fan gives his opinion on the fanbase as a whole and why Pelini will probably survive this.

Right now this is just shocking most people, but I think they will eventually see that you’re right.

But most of our fans are idiots so maybe not. Guess we’ll see. This should be good.

Should be festive times in Lincoln the rest of the week.

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