Let’s talk about why everything Ray Lewis says should be disregarded

ray-lewisFor years Ray Lewis’ job was to play linebacker in the NFL. But now that’s he’s retired, his job is now to give his analysis on the NFL. Which sounds perfectly fine on paper since Lewis is a surefire Hall of Fame linebacker. But the problem with Lewis in his new role is the fact that he’s utterly in love with himself. So when it’s time to analyze something of note, Lewis has to insert himself into it. He just can’t help himself.

Case in point: Jacoby Jones’ run-in with a stripper name “Sweet Pea”. Lewis spoke about the incident during ESPN’s pregame coverage prior to Monday night’s Denver-Oakland game. In his “analysis” Lewis questioned the Baltimore Ravens’ leadership and basically stated that if he were still a Raven, this wouldn’t have happened.

“We talk about the transition of losing so many guys, a guy like myself and Ed Reed and other guys that are based off leadership, I’ve said it earlier: ‘Where would the leadership come from?'” Lewis said on ESPN in Oakland prior to the Denver Broncos’ win over the Raiders. “Because the leadership being strong in the locker room and winning games, listen talent sometimes can win you games. But when you talk about what’s going on off the field, that’s the most important place where leadership steps up.

“When you think about the Baltimore Ravens and the transition that they went through, they’re missing leadership right now. When you have an incident like that, the first thing a leader is going to do is find some way to dissolve everything that’s going on and actually dissolve it before it comes to that type of head or even gets to that point. When you talk about the Baltimore Ravens they’re going to have to refocus and find some quick leaders in that locker room very quickly.”

We really shouldn’t be surprised that Lewis is all about self promotion in his new job. Mainly because he was self promoting machine in his old job. He danced before games, jumped on piles, and gave speeches that some didn’t understand. All in the name of self promotion.

So while it certainly makes sense for people to want to hear Ray Lewis’ opinion on NFL things, those opinions are useless because they are mostly in the name of self promotion. So anything that Ray Lewis says should be disregarded. Unless of course you like to hear what Ray Lewis would’ve done or why Ray Lewis is a superb leader, or why the Ravens miss Ray Lewis.

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