LeBron James on where he will sign in 2014: ‘It will definitely be someplace warm’

lebron-jamesLeBron James, the best basketball player on the planet, will be a free agent at the end of the upcoming season. And of course, the usual suspects are readying themselves to have both the cap space and the best potential to win to hopefully lure him their way.

The Knicks will take a shot again, the Lakers will undoubtedly be involved, the Cavs hope he’ll come back home and of course the Heat hope he has building a dynasty on his mind.

James usually plays these types of things close to the vest. Which lead to the infamous Decision telecast. But this time it seems that James is willing to let us in on what he’s thinking this time around, at least a little.

According to an interview with Women’s Wear Daily via Sun Sentinel, James says that he’s looking for something in particular when he signs in 2014.

“I miss the slower pace back home but have grown used to my new city’s little perks like fresh fish and sweet fruit. It will definitely be someplace warm. I don’t want to go back to cold winters.”

So this could be bad news for both New York and Cleveland and good news for Miami and Los Angeles. Or this could mean nothing. Who knows?

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