Johnny Manziel has a fan in Joe Flacco

joe-flaccoYou won’t find two bigger opposites than Johnny Manziel and Joe Flacco. On the field, Manziel is electrifying while Flacco is rather boring. Off the field Manziel lives a life that most admire while Flacco lives a life that’s rather boring.

So on the surface, wouldn’t expect Flacco to be drawn to a college quarterback that counts money on the field after scoring a touchdown. But when you factor in Flacco being able to relate to all the scrutinizing that Manziel has had to endure in the past year, you begin to understand why Flacco finds himself rooting for Manziel.

Flacco explained his new found fandom of Manziel while explaining that he had nothing to do with that banner on the stadium in Denver.

“I don’t know if I’ll be too popular for this,” Flacco added. “But I don’t know how I really felt about Johnny Manziel, but I feel like now everyone hates him. He’s quickly becoming my favorite player in college football.”

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