In less than 24 hours, Brandon Weeden has lost his running back and maybe his job

Trent Richardson, Brandon WeedenIn a move that shocked everyone except those that made the decision, the Cleveland Browns traded running back Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts for a first round pick.

For the Colts, the move was a no-brainer. They have now paired their young franchise quarterback with a young potentially franchise running back. The move has media in Indy already wondering if this is Peyton Manning and Edgerin James all over again.

As for the Browns, things are a little cloudy, especially for quarterback Brandon Weeden. Weeden is currently out nursing a thumb injury and when he gets back, he won’t have Richardson to lean on. But Weeden apparently has even bigger problems.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, Weeden may not even have a job to come back to when he does get healthy enough to play.

[Browns coach Rob ] Chudzinski did not commit to giving the starting job back to Weeden when he returns from injury.
“I’m going to leave all the options open,” Chudzinski said. “Really, it’s a matter of where he’s at from a health standpoint and all that plays into it and where we’re at and how guys are playing as well.”
When told about Chudzinski’s comment, Weeden said, “I don’t worry about that stuff.”

The Browns maintain that they’re not blowing up the team, but it’s very clear that they’re done with this version of the team and are eyeing the future.

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