Get too close to Jerry Jones and you might end up in handcuffs


What you see above is a photo of a Cowboys fan getting hauled away by security during the Cowboys-Chiefs game on Sunday. Because the game was in Kansas City, you would think that this person probably did something to a Chiefs fan to get him handcuffed like this. Instead, this young man was hauled away because he did “something” to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

That “something”? Apparently trying to get too close to Jones.

Twitter user @Reed_Pankratz saw the handcuffing and hauling away happen and documented it on his Twitter account to live on forever.

So I guess we all should take note that Jerry Jones will not have you getting close to him. Even if you are wearing a Cowboys jersey and actually spend your hard earned money on things that make him even richer.

H/T Busted Coverage

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