Get ready for ‘Johnny Cam’, a CBS camera that will focus solely on Johnny Manziel

Johnny-ManzielCBS kicks off its SEC coverage on Saturday just in time to bring us Texas A&M vs. Alabama. And if you thought CBS couldn’t trump the coverage surrounding this game and Johnny Manziel, by were you mistaken.

You see, along with the many cameras that CBS will deploy on the field in College Station on Saturday, there will be an extra camera with just one sole purpose: follow Johnny Manziel. The “Johnny Cam” as CBS is calling it according to Richard Deitsch of SI, will focus solely on Manziel and follow his every move.

So when Manziel counts money on the field, the Johnny Cam will catch it. When Manziel drinks Gatorade, the Johnny Cam will be there to capture it. And if Manziel and Kevin Sumlin have another run-in, the Johnny Cam will document it all.

For the mega-showdown this Saturday at Kyle Field between Alabama and Texas A&M, CBS Sports has added an extra camera that will focus solely on Texas A&M quarterback and reigning Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel. “No matter where he is and no matter what part of the game it is, we will have a shot of it,” said Craig Silver, the coordinating producer of college football for CBS Sports. “If he is anywhere in sight of that camera, we will catch it.”

Yes, by the end of this game you’ll be tired of watching Johnny Manziel. Unless of course, he runs for 500 yards, throws for 500 yards and scores 10 touchdowns. Because at that point, you’ll want Johnny Cam to never ever end.

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