Fan wins 80-inch TV thanks to the Miami Hurricanes dropping 77 on Savannah State

80 inch tvWhile the pundits wring their hands over how it’s a travesty that FBS schools schedule small FCS schools to hold a glorified scrimmage, the University of Miami and Savannah State are perfectly happy with their 77-0 affair from Saturday.

On Miami’s end, they got a W and were able to get younger players some game action. And on Savannah State’s end, they left Miami with a $375,000 check for their troubles.

But now there’s word of one additional winner from the game. RJ Curcio entered a TigerDirect contest where the winner would receive a television where the size coincides with the amount of points the Hurricanes score in a game.

They dropped 77 on Savannah State and now Curcio has to figure out where he’s putting a 80-in television.

Curcio says he has “no idea where we can put it.” He was looking for a new TV recently, since his old one was damaged in a power surge.

TigerDirect Brand Manager Steven Leeds says “with the way the Hurricanes have been playing, we expect to be giving out a lot of big TV’s.”

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