ESPN is apparently behind the Jadeveon Clowney sign spotted at a Georgia church

clowney-signThe sign pictured to the left caused quite a stir when it popped up on Reddit on Wednesday. And by the end of the day, most believed that there was no way possible that the sign was real. But apparently it is, or was real.

Chris Littman of Sporting News called First Presbyterian Church in Athens to ask point blank if the sign was real. Littman was told that yes, it was real, but it wasn’t anything they came up with. Instead, the sign was part of a promotion for ESPN’s College Gameday show.

The church provided Sporting News with a photo of how the sign now looks.


And the church wasn’t the only location that ESPN used as a promotional tool. The Georgia Theatre also sported a similar sign for a briefly.

So there you have it. The sign was all part of the ESPN machine.

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