Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press left Michigan off his AP Top 25 ballot, while keeping Boise St. on

drew sharpWith all the great things that come with the return of college football, there are still a few ridiculous things. Like the fact that we allow journalist to provide their own top 25 college football teams and we actually use it to come up with the AP poll.

This practice works only when these said journalists actually watch college football games so they can make sound judgments on where teams should be ranked. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen too often and we end up with a ballot that has a Boise St. team that just got slaughtered by Washington being ranked over a team (Michigan) that actually won their game on Saturday. A team that is also ranked #17 in the composite AP Poll.

That ballot that has Boise St. ranked #23 and Michigan unranked belongs to none other than Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press.

drew sharp ballot

Take a bow, Mr. Sharp. You’ve really outdone yourself.

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