Darrelle Revis is reportedly unhappy with Greg Schiano

darelle-revisWell that didn’t take long now did it? Just two games into Darrelle Revis’ new start in Tampa, he’s unhappy.

According to the New York Post via Fox Sports, Revis is both unhappy with the strict manner in which Buccaneers head coach Greg Schiano runs the team. And if that isn’t enough, Revis is also unhappy with the defensive scheme that the Buccaneers are using.

So essentially, it’s a daily double of unhappiness for Revis.

Revis is not happy under the “strict” regime of Greg Schiano, according to a Fox Sports report. The former Jets cornerback, traded to Tampa Bay in the offseason for two draft picks including a first-rounder, spent the past four seasons working for the more relaxed, player-friendly Rex Ryan.

Revis also reportedly is displeased with the defensive schemes employed by the Bucs during an 0-2 start.

So this is the portion of the post where I point out that you probably don’t want Rex Ryan as your head coach, but you’ll take him in a heartbeat as a defensive coordinator. And it looks like Revis is beginning to miss his days with Ryan calling the defensive.

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