College Football Week 4 Retrospection: Where the games where as bad as you thought they would be

mack brown

A rather blah Week 4 is in the books. Of note, Mack Brown and Lane Kiffin have something to smile about and Dana Holgorsen doesn’t. It’s time for retrospection.

Mack Brown survives for another week

Mack Brown couldn’t afford for Texas to lose to Kansas State on Saturday. And luckily for him, Texas did not lose to Kansas State. Brown can breathe a sigh of relief for the next week and pray to God that Texas doesn’t find a way to lose to Iowa in their next outing on Oct. 3. Then things really get interesting when the Longhorns take on rival Oklahoma.

Lane Kiffin also survives for another week

Lane Kiffin also couldn’t afford for USC to lose to Utah State. And luckily for him, USC did not lose to Utah State, though it was close. Kiffin is in a weird predicament. He has the backing of AD Pat Hayden, for now at least, but fans have grown tired of him.

Kiffin likely has to win out to quiet all of his detractors.

Texas fans showed their support for hiring Nick Saban in t-shirt form

David Ash hit a Kansas State staffer in the face with the ball

Heads up!

Dana Holgresen’s seat began to warm

Earlier today, I gave you a window into what Mountaineer fans think of Dana Holgresen these days, which wasn’t pretty. But that’s the reaction fans will have when Maryland beats their team to a pulp 37-0.

Unfortunately for Holgresen, things will get much worse before they get better. If look down West Virginia’s schedule, you ask yourself where are the wins coming from? Kansas? Iowa State? By the time they play those two schools the Mountaineers could be sporting a 2-8 record.

San Jose State’s punter got ejected for fighting

San Jose State punter Harrison Waid got laid out during a kickoff, then retaliated by fighting

Arkansas lost to Rutgers, and then fans let Jen Bielema have it

Arkansas led 24-14 heading into the 4th quarter against Rutgers on Saturday. Then, they proceeded to give up 14 unanswered points in a 28-24 loss.

And from there, fans remember this tweet from Jen Bielema after Wisconsin lost last Saturday:

Then they let her have it.



And I’ll add that they’re still letting her have it.


FIU, FAMU, and Savannah State got the tar beaten out of them

Here are the scores:

Lousiville 72

Ohio State 76

Miami 77
Savannah State 7

Enough said.

Florida DT Darious Cumming intercepted a ball and then got tripped by a teammate


And finally, Mike Leach and Paul Petrino exchanged pleasantries after the Washington State-Idaho game

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