College Football Week 2 Retrospection: Where Mack Brown is in self-preservation mode

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Week 2 of the college football season is in the books and things aren’t looking too good for two high profile coaches.

It’s time for some retrospection.

This could be the beginning of the end for Mack Brown

There are two distinct reasons why we may be seeing the last days on Mack Brown on the sidelines for Texas. The first reason is the obvious one, Texas just lost to BYU to the tune of 40-21. The other reason is that Brown has now gone into self-preservation mode by “reassigning” his defensive coordinator, Manny Diaz.

Now he turns to former Texas co-defensive coordinator Greg Robinson to help save his job.

“Our performance on defense last night was unacceptable, and we need to change that,” Texas coach Mack Brown said in a statement released by the school. “Greg will be here tonight and get with the staff and players to start preparing for Ole Miss. He will be running our defense immediately. We’re very fortunate that Greg has been around, watched all of our practice video and has a good scouting report moving forward.”

Yeah, this isn’t going to end well for Mack Brown.

This could also be the beginning of the end for Lane Kiffin

Lane Kiffin is in trouble after losing to Washington State 10-7. How much trouble, you ask? Well, it’s bad enough that he plays two quarterbacks, but those quarterbacks were only able to muster 193 yards on 63 plays, with no pass completion longer than 8 yards. As for USC fans, this is how they responded to the underwhelming outing by the Trojans….

Fire Kiffin chant break

To show their appreciation for that 10-7 loss to Washington State, USC fans broke into a “Fire Kiffin” chant late in the 4th quarter.

Georgia (and Mark Richt) bounced back quite nicely

If anyone needed Saturday to go well, it was definitely Georgia and Mark Richt. And boy did it ever go well.

The Bulldogs dropped 41 on sixth ranked South Carolina and played how most thought they would play against Clemson. If you want to nitpick, the Georgia defense did give up 30, but a win is a win.

Most importantly, Georgia is back on track for a SEC East crown and a trip to Atlanta. Which is goal #1 for every SEC East team. Oh, and Mark Richt also slide further away from that hot seat he was inching toward last week.

Western Kentucky somehow committed five turnovers in just six plays

Last week I made a pretty big deal about the Hilltoppers beating Kentucky and how Bobby Petrino is an elite coach and so on and so forth. Well, now I’m going to make a pretty big deal about the Hilltoppers finding a way to turn the ball over five times in a span of six plays.

How in the world does that happen?

Is Miami good or is Florida really bad?

I’d say the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Miami is much improved. But they forced 5 turnovers and barely squeaked out a 5 point win.

As for Florida, the defense is obviously elite. But if the offense doesn’t find something that works, the season could get ugly fast for the Gators.

And Joakim Noah summed up the feelings of Florida after the game quite nicely

South Carolina coach fight break

After their defense forced a 3-and-out early in the 3rd quarter, two South Carolina defensive coaches got into a little yelling match on the sideline.

Eminem acted weird Saturday night

Eminem joined Brent Musburger and Kirk Herbstreit in the booth during halftime of the Michigan-Notre Dame game. And instead of acting like a normal person, Eminem decided to be all weird.

And finally, two Tennessee Vols fans decided to get married during Saturday’s tailgate

Yep, this really happened.

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