College Football Week 1 Retrospection: Where Mark Richt inched closer to the hot seat


Week 1 of the college football season came and we all rejoiced. Now it’s gone and it’s time for retrospection.

Big plays were made, good games were played and Mark Richt looks to be on his way to the hot seat.

Let’s look back.

Despite a lackluster offensive performance, Alabama still found a way to dominate

Alabama’s 35-10 win over Virginia Tech wasn’t pretty, but boy was it dominating. In every phase expect offense, at least. Once the dust had settled, the Tide scored two special team touchdowns (thanks to Christion Jones), returned an interception for a touchdown, and held Virginia Tech quarterback Logan Thomas to a putrid 5-26 for 56 yards passing.

And if that last stat wasn’t indicative enough of Bama’s domination, here’s one even worse: At least 30 of Virginia Tech’s plays went for 2 yards or less. I say at least because, after seeing Bama stuff play after play, I quit counting.

Now about that Bama offense-it was bad. McCarron and crew were only able to muster 206 yards of total offense, mainly because they couldn’t block Tech. Luckily for Bama, they have a bye week to rectify a few things before traveling to College Station for a date with Johnny Football and Texas A&M.

Mark Richt is on the brink of being seated firmly on the hot seat

Here we are again, talking about Mark Richt and the hot seat. It’s been two years since we’ve had this discussion, but it feels so easy to talk about Richt being on the hot seat.

Now Richt, in my mind, isn’t on the hot seat yet. But at least one crying fan, wants him gone ASAP.

Saturday looms large for Richt and Georgia as they have a date with South Carolina. Win that game and the ship is instantly righted. The SEC Championship game is still in play which means back-dooring your way into the BCS National Championship is still in play. Lose that game and all hell will break loose in the state of Georgia

Chest bumps are bad for your health (and ACLs)

Adding to Mark Richt’s problems is the fact that his best receiver Malcolm Mitchell has been lost for the year with an ACL tear. And to make matters worse, the injury didn’t even happen in the field of play. It actually happened as Mitchell was celebrating a touchdown scored by teammate Todd Gurley. Mitchell and Gurley both went up for the chest bump and Mitchell injured himself when he came down.


Big hit break!

Western Kentucky LB Andrew Jackson broke out the hit stick on Kentucky’s Jonathan George

Eight FBS schools’ had their opening weekends ruined by FCS schools

Yes, Eight FCS teams beat FBS teams on opening weekend. Here’s the list in all its glory:

  • Eastern Washington 49, Oregon State 46
  • North Dakota State 24, Kansas State 21
  • McNeese State 53, South Florida 21
  • Northern Iowa 28, Iowa State 20
  • Eastern Illinois 40, San Diego State 19
  • Samford 31, Georgia State 21
  • Towson 33, UConn 18
  • Southern Utah 22, South Alabama

In case you’ve forgotten, Bobby Petrino is an elite college football coach

Bobby Petrino can coach some college football. There’s no way to really argue this fact. At every stop in his college football career, he’s won.

It won’t be long before Petrino is back at the helm of a big time program.

Ronnie Lott falling out of his chair break!

Man down!

Tennessee fans thanked the Good Lord for a new coach

Then the Vols went out and beat up on Austin Peay 45-0

Somehow, Johnny Manziel was able to become even more polarizing

Johnny Manziel scored a couple of touchdowns, acted like he was counting money, and now more people hate him.

On the flip side, Joe Flacco loves him.

Fake punt break!

Villanova not only Boston College with this fake punt, they fooled the announcers, cameramen, and you.

Is the Boise St. run over?

We’ve grown used to Boise St. beating a quality opponent, usually rated higher than themselves, on opening weekend to announce to the college football world that the Broncos are here to contend yet another season.

That didn’t happen this weekend as the Broncos lost to Washington. But they didn’t just lose to Washington; they got dominated to the tune of 38-6. So the question now has to be asked, have we seen the end of the Boise St. run?

Florida State may finally have a quarterback

I’m trying not to get too carried away with this whole Florida State thing, but it’s hard not to when you see a stat line like this:

  • 25/27, 356 passing yards, 4 TDs
  • 8 carries, 25 rushing yards, 1 TD

Those are the stats put up by FSU redshirt freshman quarterback Jamies Winston. Those are number that both Christian Ponder and EJ Manuel didn’t put up and they’re both starting NFL quarterbacks.

Now, you can argue that neither of those guys had the supporting cast that Winston does, but boy ol boy did Winston look spectacular.

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