Brian Wilson confronted Giants CEO Larry Baer over World Series ring

brian wilson

While Mariano Rivera was enjoying a heartfelt moment in his final game at Yankee Stadium, former Giants pitcher Brian Wilson was back in San Francisco starting a ruckus.

After the Giants’ 3-2 victory of the Dodgers, Brian Wilson made a beeline for the section where Giants CEO Larry Baer was seated. Once there, Wilson began having a heated discussion with Baer. According to CSN BayArea, that discussion was apparently about the 2012 World Series ring that he won while with the Giants that he has yet to receive.

Brian Wilson, wearing Dodger blue, took the extraordinary step of walking across the field after the Giants’ 3-2 victory, leaning over the railing and shouting at Giants CEO Larry Baer.

“Just a conversation between me and him,” said Wilson, when I asked him what that was all about.

But as we told you first on, Wilson was steamed that he still hasn’t received his 2012 World Series ring, and he was letting Baer know he wasn’t happy about it.

Moments galore in MLB on Thursday night.

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