A live chicken joined the Cleveland Indians for pregame drills on Wednesday


What you see above is a chicken in the midst of the Cleveland Indians’ pregame drills before Wednesday’s game against the Orioles.

Apparently, pitcher Justin Masterson brought the chicken out on the field after an Indians’ clubhouse workers gave it to him.

ESPN has more details on this important matter.

The chicken, unfazed by its surroundings, stood calmly on the field while balls hit during batting practice fell nearby. Several curious players came by to observe the chicken, which was picked up by pitchers Cody Allen and Rich Hill and then carried off the field when the drills concluded.

The bird was given to Allen, who was nicknamed “Chicken Al” by pitcher Frank Herrmann in spring training. The chicken has been named “Cody.”

The Indians went on to beat the Orioles, so of course there’s talk of keeping the chicken around a little longer.

“If we get on roll, that’s going to be our mascot,” [Ryan] Raburn said. “Whoever’s the owner of it, we’re going to have to keep that sucker if we keep winning. We’re going to have to get him his own locker.”

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