A fight between Riley Cooper and Cary Williams had to be broken up by several teammates

riley cooper cary williams fightThings had been relatively quiet on the Riley Cooper front since he returned to the Eagles after his four day leave of absence. But on Thursday, that all changed when Cooper and cornerback Cary Williams got into a “scuffle” that took several players to break up.

According to Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Williams was one of the players that said he had a problem with what Cooper said, but that “he was willing to welcome him back into the fold once they spoke.”

McLane also reports that Cooper was visibly shaken up by the scuffle and stopped participating in practice.

Cooper looked visibly distraught and stayed out of one-on-one drills that involved receivers and defensive backs until DeSean Jackson came over to him. Jackson eventually walked over to Williams and had a conversation.

Here are the details of how it all started:

The altercation began after the two were matched up in one-on-ones. Williams and Cooper got into each other’s face and then a few players stepped in and tried to break it up. They were clenched together for several moments until cornerback Brandon Boykin was the first to step in.

Williams threw his helmet to the ground and went back after Cooper, though, and that’s when Vick jumped in and pulled him away.

Practice fights are usually much ado about nothing. But considering the circumstances surrounding Cooper, this may have been a little more.

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