A Clemson fan feels so good about the Tigers, he writes in to Syracuse.com to bash Syracuse

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If you’re unfamiliar with the type of Clemson fan we’re going to see on full display in this post, here’s a quick primer:

  • After a big win (like over Georgia on Saturday), he/she will tell you have for real the Tigers are
  • After a big win (like over Georgia on Saturday), he/she will tell you everything that’s wrong with your team as if you can’t see for yourself
  • After a big win (like over Georgia on Saturday), he/she will go on and on about how the Tigers will hang *enter an insane amount of points* on your team when they play
  • And of course after the inevitable big loss, they will become angry and may want to fight you

The first 3 bullets were on full display when a Clemson fan wrote into Syracuse.com to give his critique of the Orange’s loss to Penn State on Saturday. As for the last bullet, be patient; it’s only a matter of time.

On to what this Clemson fan had to say.

Fine article on the Syracuse-Penn State game, but the Orange needs to improve in many areas, not the least of which is coaching.

This from a fan of a school that employs Dabo Swinney. The nerve.

The play-calling was way too conservative. The quarterback needs lots of work. The vaunted running game was absent. And defense? Fact is, a poor Penn State team put up 23 points on SU.

Feeling good after that win over Georgia, aren’t we?

All those clowns on syracuse.com who write about “getting ’em in the Dome and locking the doors” better keep a key handy because when the Clemson Tigers come to town and hang 40-60 points up there on the scoreboard, those fools are gonna want to get out of that dingy place. Fast.

There’s the threat to hang an insane amount of points on a team. Following the playbook to a tee.

And another thing: This “hard-nosed” garbage I read about showed up in a very questionable lack of call on Syracuse for spearing and for another clearly-missed call for a dirty hit on a defenseless Penn State player.

Criticism of your team’s players, of course.

I had a great summer fishing, golfing, rafting, etc. and it was great to see the Tigers save some face for the ACC by beating Georgia on Saturday night. They are for real, big time. If the people in Syracuse can’t sell out the Carrier Dome on Oct. 5, it will be another sign of a weak, weak program.

— James Slater, Tiger Fan
South Carolina

And of course, he ends it by simultaneously announcing that he had a better summer than you, that the Tigers are “for real, big time” and they’re the saviors of the ACC.

This is exactly why Clemson can’t have nice things.

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