SMU WR Deion Sanders Jr. is being investigated because he attended a Lil Wayne concert

prime-lil wayneDeion Sanders Jr. will be playing wide receiver for SMU this season. And because he’s the son of PrimeTime, PrimeTime Jr. most likely knows many famous people. One of which is apparently rapper Lil Wayne.

So when Lil Wayne had a concert in Dallas recently, he invited PrimeTime Jr. and a few of his friends backstage. Which doesn’t seem like a big deal until you factor in what the NCAA may end up thinking about all this.

Those fears prompted SMU to begin investigating how PrimeTime Jr. got into the concert in the first place and if anything went on that the NCAA may not like.

The Valley Morning Star’s Adam Lawson is reporting Sanders Jr. is actually being investigated for attend Weezy’s concert in Dallas.

Former Dallas Cowboys’ cornerback Deion Sanders, who was in Harlingen for Prime Prep scrimmage and is Lil Wayne’s good friend, told Lawson that his son was being investigated because ‘they’re trying to say (he) got into the concert because (he’s) an SMU player.’

Lawson later stated via Twitter that it’s an NCAA investigation, but that is inaccurate according to SMU SID Brad Sutton.

“It’s not the NCAA. It’s our compliance office. Just doing their due diligence,” Sutton said via text message. “We don’t expect to find anything amiss, but it’s our responsibility to check stuff like this out.”

Sutton is right. It is his responsibility to check things like this out. Except when it’s obvious that checking it out is a supreme waste of time. And this certainly falls under that category.

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