Riley Cooper’s ‘leave of absence’ lasted all of four days

riley cooperRiley Cooper was given a “leave of absence” on Friday because of the growing fear that the Eagles locker room was dividing. Something that even head coach Chip Kelly acknowledged.

To most, it seemed like the best thing to do given the circumstances was to give Cooper and his teammates time to process what had just happened and how they move forward.

How much time is truly needed for that is unclear. But the Eagles apparently believe that four days is enough. Because Cooper is back in camp and will be on the practice field with his teammates.

Cooper will address the media later today to maybe explain what he’s learned in those four days.

As for the cynics, this move should give them all the ammunition they need.

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  1. Well, Cooper needs to address the whole TEAM but especially the black players: Do you forget about my outburst and forgive me and maybe we can go to the playoffs / Super Bowl or are you going to have a ‘hard on’ for me all season, thinking that I’m a closet KKK, anti-black person. Which I am not.
    So CHOOSE NOW: keep the hard on and have a constant disruption in the game and in the locker room
    forgive and forget let”s move forward.
    NOBODY is this the Philadelphia Eagles team was personally hurt by the outburst.
    Get over it.


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