Report: Alex Rodriguez was given a standing offer of a 150 game suspension by MLB

Alex_RodriguezWhen we last left the Alex Rodriguez circus, we learned that Rodriguez was willing to accept an 80-100 game suspension, and then retire when his suspension was served. All because Rodriguez wants most, if not all the money remaining on his Yankees contract.

Since then Rodriguez has vowed to refrain from discussing all non-baseball matters. But that hasn’t stopped those close to him from discussing matters non-baseball matters.

According to USA Today, Rodriguez turned down a 100 game suspension days before being hit with a 211 game suspension. And in response, MLB then offered Rodriguez a standing offer of a 150 game suspension.

A person close to Rodriguez, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the topic, told USA TODAY Sports on Tuesday that Rodriguez rejected a 100-game ban from MLB days before the announcement of his 211-game suspension and has a standing offer of 150 games.

Of course, MLB denies that any offer was ever made to Rodriguez.

“We have not offered 100 games and no offer is on the table,” MLB vice president Rob Manfred said in an e-mail to USA TODAY Sports.

At this point, who knows what to believe? If you believe the earlier reports, Rodriguez should’ve jumped at the chance of getting only 100 games. But now we’re in the phase of creating narratives, so we’re likely to hear just about anything. No matter how farfetched it may sound.

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