Ray Lewis insinuates that the NFL was behind the power outage during Super Bowl XLVII

ray-lewis-espnNow that Ray Lewis is retired and now an ESPN employee, any outrageous comments that come out of his mouth will be scrutinized. So he knows he has to be really careful. But Lewis seemingly forgot about being careful about what he says in public during an appearance on NFL Films’ “America’ Game” series.

Lewis was joined by former teammate Joe Flacco and former head coach John Harbaugh on the program to discuss Super Bowl XLVII. And while Flacco and Harbaugh shared insights from their 34-31 victory over the San Francisco 49ers, Lewis decided to insinuate that the NFL had something to do with the power outage that happened as the Ravens began to roll the 49ers. After which, momentum switched and the 49ers got back into the game.

“I’m not gonna accuse nobody of nothing — because I don’t know facts,” says Lewis. “But you’re a zillion-dollar company, and your lights go out? No. (Laughs) No way.

“Now listen, if you grew up like I grew up — and you grew up in a household like I grew up — then sometimes your lights might go out, because times get hard. I understand that. But you cannot tell me somebody wasn’t sitting there and when they say, ‘The Ravens (are) about to blow them out. Man, we better do something.’ … That’s a huge shift in any game, in all seriousness. And as you see how huge it was because it let them right back in the game.”

Whether you agree with Lewis or think he’s lost his mind matters not. What does matter is how the NFL feels about an employee of ESPN throwing around conspiracy theories. Because remember, we all know how much power the NFL yields over ESPN.

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  1. tammy dinieri says:

    I totally agree! maybe not the NFL, specifically, but there was plenty other “mega- millionaires ” with endless connections, that could have been behind the outage. It was going to be a runaway victory. The outage, gave SF the time it needed to re-group, and it almost worked. Nothing from the media bashing about Ray’s past, or that SF was everyone’s favorite pick to win, was working. The outage was a last ditch effort- but the perseverance of the Ravens, illustrates what it means to be, TRUE CHAMPIONS! I will always be a Ravens fan, and proud of it!

  2. Brian Tray says:

    The 49ers are getting blown out 28-6 in the middle of the 3rd quarter and didn’t have a prayer. What they needed was a 45 minute timeout to kill the Raven’s momentum and regroup. To look at some film and come up with a new game plan would also have been helpful. And there was a lot of people that had a lot of money on the 49’ers that would have done anything to help them.
    And “poof” , like magic the lights go out and they get another halftime to try again.
    That’s one heck of a coincidence. When there are millions of dollars at stake I tend not to believe in coincidences, particularly ones that absurd.
    Ray may be right, we’ll never know.
    Thank goodness the best team prevailed.

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