Philadelphia residents, for the most part, are still cool with Riley Cooper

riley cooperBy now, you know all about Riley Cooper’s outburst at a Kenny Chesney concert in Philly. If you don’t, go get caught up. Since then, there has been reaction by Mike Vick, Marcus Vick, the Eagles, and most recently LeSean McCoy.

But what about the reactions of the folks that live in Philadelphia and may be fans of the Eagles?

Glad you asked. asked a group of Philadelphia residents how they feel about Cooper after seeing his racist outburst. And let’s just say, the majority of them could care less.

Raechie Davis: “It’s like what Jason Avant said. You can’t judge a man by what he says. You can disagree with his opinion. But that’s not who he is as a man.”

James Cameron: “He made a statement that was wrong. He apologized. He said he did it out of anger. But when you’re in the forefront, you can’t make statements like that. These are the same people that come to see you play. If you get them disliking you, you’re not going to have a career. He’s human. He’s young. He made a mistake. If he doesn’t make it again, that’s a good thing.”

Khalil King: “I don’t have a personal agenda against him. He’s a football player. They’re making it a bigger deal than it was. I love Riley Cooper. He’s my favorite player, actually.”

While King loves Cooper, another fan goes ahead and gets completely real about Cooper’s remarks.

Debbie Bush: “Everyone uses that word. I think it was one of those things where he got caught using it. I don’t think he was using it in a derogatory way. I’m not saying it’s okay. Some people use it; you can be mutual friends with someone of another race and use it.”

And now for the obligatory, “forget what Cooper said, the real story is about Marcus Vick.”

Louis DeCero: “I believe that when it comes to racial slurs, we’re not meaning it in a racial way. It comes out. The one thing I don’t agree with is how Marcus Vick put a hit out on his head. They should just drop the whole thing. They should both get in trouble. Riley Cooper was just mad. When they get mad at each other, they might say that word. You’re not racist. You’re just saying it to antagonize the other person.”

Philly fans are the best. Or maybe the worst.

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