Pete Rose has apologized for his vice comments

Pete RosePete Rose had some rather strong comments on Monday regarding his standing with Major League Baseball and how it would be different if he picked another vice such as alcohol, drugs, or wife beating.

In my opinion, Rose was spot on, but he’s been roundly criticized for the comments. Not because they were wrong, because they weren’t. But because his use of “beating up my wife” as an example vice didn’t sit well with many people.

So Rose issued this apology via CBS Pittsburgh:

“If I’ve learned anything over the past 24 years since my banishment from baseball, it’s to own up to my failures right away. I was feeling sorry for myself when I compared my vice to others, including abuse and drinking. Of course, all vices are not to be excused. I know gambling almost destroyed baseball and I have accepted the way Commissioners Giamatti, Vincent and Selig acted toward me.”

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