Magic Johnson seems to be upset that LeBron James didn’t pick him as one of his 3 greatest players of all time

lebron-james-magic-johnsonFox Sports recently asked LeBron James who he felt were the 3 greatest players of all time.

James’ first two picks-Michael Jordan and Larry Bird- can’t really be questioned. But James’ third pick-Julius Erving-has some, namely Magic Johnson, feeling the need to let everyone know that they disagree.

Knowing how things work these days, James knew that his snubbing of Magic Johnson would eventually turn into a big deal, so he attempted to explain. But his explanation didn’t stop Johnson from disagreeing with James in front of his Twitter followers while pointing to his championship rings.

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  1. Only in Basketball would something like this come up. No other sport has people with such huge egos, that there are more story lines off the court that on. Breaking news Lebron shaved his head, breaking news Lebron may or may not wear his head band in the game. You never hear Willy Mase and Hank Aaron argueing about who’s a better hitter. Or Nolan Ryan having beef with Roger Clemens

  2. magic needs to get over himself. ur greatness isnt defined by how many rings you have. if that were the case then bill russell would be the best ball player ever with 11 rings! robert horry has 7. sam jones (who??) has 8. magic is 14th on the list of most rings

  3. Neil Scott says:

    When is everyone going to realize that a ring is the results of a ‘Team’ accomplishment — not an individual? Only when a ‘Team’ wins the games, do individual players get a ring.

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