(UPDATE) Jason Whitlock is reportedly leaving Fox Sports and returning to ESPN

jason whitlockThe Big Lead is reporting that Jason Whitlock is leaving Fox Sports and returning to ESPN. The news is surprising to say the least seeing as though Whitlock criticizes ESPN every chance he gets. But make no mistake about it, this is a great hire for ESPN.

Though he has his detractors, Whitlock simply moves the needle. And that’s exactly what ESPN wants to do on a daily basis.

According to TBL, ESPN’s thought behind bring Whitlock back centers around ESPN president John Skipper’s plan “to define ESPN as the Worldwide Leader in original sports thought and intellect, while letting his new challenger, Fox Sports 1, go the “jockularity” route.”

I have my guesses on who wins out in the long run, but it’ll be interesting to see just how all of this plays out.

UPDATE: Whitlock confirms to Deadspin via email that “yes. i’m headed back. i’ll be working on all platforms.”

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