James Franklin offers to call a fan’s boss to get him off work for Vanderbilt’s opener

james franklinSome would argue that James Franklin is slowly putting Vanderbilt on the college football map both on and off the field. On the field, Franklin has turned the perennial cupcake Commodores into a SEC team coming off a 9-4 season that can no longer be overlooked.

On the field, Franklin has also garnered headlines with his admission that he likes to see a coach’s wife before he hires them.

No matter how he does it, the bottom line is James Franklin has us talking about Vanderbilt. And today, he did yet another thing to make us talk about Vanderbilt.

A Twitter user named JD was just minding his own business lamenting about having to miss Vanderbilt’s opener against Ole Miss because he has to work. Then, out of the Twitter darkness comes Franklin with an offer to call JD’s boss and get him off work for the game.

James Franklin, putting Vanderbilt on the map one headline at a time.

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