Former NCAA enforcement director thinks Texas A&M should sit Johnny Manziel

Johnny-ManzielAs we quickly approach Texas A&M’s August 31 opener against Rice, the question everyone has is will Johnny Manziel play. If you ask Manziel’s cowboy hat wearing lawyer, Jim Darnell, Manziel will be playing.

But if you ask former NCAA enforcement director, Mark Jones, as John Whisler of the San Antonio Express did recently, he would tell you that Texas A&M should sit Manziel.

“No one wants to play an athlete who’s later determined to be ineligible, especially such a high-profile player,” said Mark Jones, a former NCAA enforcement director. “You don’t want to risk having to vacate those games later on.”

Also on the “use caution with Manziel” bandwagon is attorney Michael Buckner, who specializes in “NCAA investigations and compliance.”

“A&M will not play Johnny Manziel if there’s any question that he could be ineligible.”

Buckner would not speculate on a timetable on when the investigation might be concluded. Texas A&M has said it is conducting a review of the matter.

“But I would think it is going to be done in an expeditious manner,” Buckner said. “I’m pretty sure all sides are working feverishly at this because there is a lot at stake.”

So with less than a month left before A&M takes the field, the cowboy hat wearing lawyer says he’s playing while on lookers think he shouldn’t. I think I’m going with the cowboy hat wearing lawyer.

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