Detroit Lions kicker Harvard Rugland, aka Kickalicious™, learned English by listening to Wu-Tang Clan

Havard-RuglandI’m sure you remember Kickalicious™. Or maybe you remember him by his government name Harvard Rugland. Or maybe you just remember him as the dude that kicks a football in unusual ways, in usual settings, for unusual results.

And now that we remember him, it’s time to dig into his background. Rugland is Norwegian, he’s a germaphobe, and his name translates to “Howard” in Norwegian. But the most important part of Rugland’s background is that he learned English by listening to Wu-Tang Clan albums.

Yep, Harvard Rugland is now one of your new favorite players.

“The first day we’re hanging out in the hot tub, right?” guard Rob Sims said Thursday. “I’m just talking to him and I was like, ‘You speak English really well. Man, where’d you learn English?’

“He was like, ‘Mostly from movies and listening to Wu-Tang.’ It blew my mind.”

Fellow kicker David Akers contemplated that for a second. “That explains a lot,” he said.
“And the thing about it is he’s heavily influenced by American pop culture,” receiver Nate Burleson said. “He’s a really funny dude.”

So now let the record show that in the year 2013, a man that calls himself Kickalicious™ and learned English by listening to Wu-Tang may actually become a starting kicker in the NFL.

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