Alex Rodriguez reportedly plans to fight any suspension levied upon him by MLB

arod-yanksFrom all indications, MLB is just about ready to announce suspensions for the players involved with the Biogenesis clinic. Other than working through details of the suspensions with the MLBPA, the final shoe to drop is whether or not Alex Rodriguez will make a deal with the league.

In the past week, Rodriguez has vowed to fight a suspension, then decided to pursue a deal once he heard a lifetime ban was on the table.

Now in classic A-Rod style, he has decided to once again fight any suspension that he may receive from MLB. Which means, this will get ugly fast.

Alex Rodriguez’s amazing race against the clock will take him tonight to Trenton, where he could try once again to rev up his playing career — or where Major League Baseball could pop him before he even enters the ballpark.

Either way, a source told The Post, the Yankees’ beleaguered third baseman isn’t ready to give in to commissioner Bud Selig.

While there have been continuing talks between both MLB officials and their Players Association counterparts and the PA and A-Rod’s representatives, indications are there has been no direct conversation between MLB and Rodriguez’s legal team since a meeting last week in which possible punishments were discussed.

Optimism was dimming an agreement could be reached, and a source said the three-time Most Valuable Player was ready to fight Selig’s ruling. As The Post reported yesterday, Rodriguez has added to his legal team recently, retaining the Manhattan law firm Cohen, Weiss and Simon.

What should be noted is that MLB wants to make deals with these players so they don’t have to deal with a player trying to go after them later in court. At first glance, you would think A-Rod would be all for a deal. But if you look a little closer, it’s clear that the only one who NEEDS a deal to happen, is MLB. And now, one of its biggest names may be gearing up to call their bluff.

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