Alex Rodriguez has hired a private-investigation firm to help him fight suspension

alex-rodriguezAlex Rodriguez vowed to fight any suspension that was levied upon him by MLB. And apparently, he’s gearing up to fight this to its ugly end.

According to New York magazine, Rodriguez has hired a private-investigation firm to help fight MLB in his appeal of his 211-game suspension. The notable thing about this move is that the firm Rodriguez has hired, Guidepost Solutions, is the same firm that Dominique Strauss-Kahn used to fight rape charges in 2011.

Earlier this summer, the Yankees’ third baseman retained gumshoes from Guidepost Solutions, a well-connected New York firm headed by former federal prosecutor Bart Schwartz, according to a source close to Rodriguez. Guidepost has been working closely with A-Rod’s lawyers in recent weeks, the source said, as the baseball player tries mount a defense to allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs, among other league violations.

His team of lawyers and investigators at Guidepost are most certainly trying to interview witnesses and uncover any information about MLB’s investigation that could help him stay in the Yankees’ lineup and collect his astronomical salary. Along with using performance-enhancing drugs, league officials have suggested A-Rod might have tampered with evidence and tried to interfere with their investigation into Biogenesis, a south Florida clinic accused of peddling steroids to players. The league suspended twelve other players in addition to A-Rod.

I know I have said this over and over, but it must be said once more; this is going to get ugly. Rodriguez looks to be gearing up to attempt to take down as many people as he can in MLB.

Now the question becomes, is MLB ready for what’s to come?

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