Adrian Peterson thinks it’s a compliment that you think he’s taking PEDs

adrian petersonThere’s no need to apologize for the fact that you find yourself wondering if Adrian Peterson has eaten from the forbidden fruit that is PEDs. The man is a freak of nature. He’s been so since he was running over kids much smaller than him in high school. Now throw in the fact that he just won the MVP award a year after tearing his ACL, it’s perfectly normal to wonder if he had unnatural help to get back to that level.

Peterson knows you wonder too. In fact, Peterson has had people flat out ask him if he’s using HGH. Which is perfectly fine with him because in his eyes, it’s all a compliment to how hard he’s working.

“Seriously. Especially with the amount of work I put in,” Peterson said. “Guys say that to me, or if I hear someone saying that — it makes me feel good.

“When you know you don’t do it, and someone’s saying you do, you’re like, ‘Wow. They think I’m on HGH? I’m doing that good? Well, hoo! Thank you, Jesus!’ It’s a compliment. I don’t get mad about it at all.”

With HGH testing supposedly on the horizon in the NFL, Peterson may soon get to prove it to those that continuously wonder how he keeps getting better and better.

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