A pool party in Philadelphia hosted by Dion Waiters has neighbors pissed off

dion waiters pool partyThe flyer you see to the left is for a pool party that was hosted by Cleveland Cavaliers guard Dion Waiters by on August 11 at Menlo pool in the suburb of Perkasie. The party, which officials were led to believe would be a birthday party with about 100 people, ended up being attended by what neighbors are calling, 700 “out-of- towners”.

The party have Perkasie residents furious and they voiced their displeasure at a city council meeting earlier this week. Those displeasures ranged from trash being left at the pool, to fear that these “out-of-towners” would return to Perkasie and “steal or whatever.”

At Monday night’s council meeting, someone had posted large, orange signs inside the meeting room, with the messages “Yet another cover-up by borough officials!” and “Aigeldinger — short on leadership,” referring to council president Matt Aigeldinger. Other residents called for Perkasie leadership to resign, to heavy applause.

Another man worried about the message being sent after “a bunch” of people “descended on our town and trashed the place,” but none were arrested. He aired concerns that the partygoers might return to “steal or whatever” from residents.

Kate Lane, a neighbor of the pool, said the night was very scary. “I was scared, and I thank God for the police that were in front of my house,” she said.

A lifeguard that was on duty during the party also gave an account of the party that he says became “total chaos.”

Menlo lifeguard Phil Allebach, who was on duty the night of the party, said he was pushed into the pool several times and saw patrons drinking liquor and smoking marijuana. Many patrons were being rude and acting unsafely around the pool, doing flips and diving into shallow water, he said. Allebach and other lifeguards had to perform multiple rescues.

“As the night went on, the party became total chaos,” he said.

And here’s what Perkasie interim Police Chief Steve Hillias told residents regarding their investigation into the party:

Hillias and other borough officials noted that there was an abundance of trash left behind by party guests, including empty bottles of alcohol and small baggies indicative of drug use. No hypodermic needles, a rumor many residents had heard, were found in or around the pool, they said.

Hillias also stressed that an investigation into shots fired near East Walnut Street and Wert Avenue in Sellersville has shown no evidence conclusively linking the gunshots to the pool party.

Sounds like a pretty wild time was had by all. Except the neighbors.

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