Why the Cavaliers, Mavericks, and Hawks all want to sign Andrew Bynum (and his bad knee)

andrew bynumThere are gambles and then there are GAMBLES. I think we can all agree that signing Andrew Bynum is a GAMBLE seeing as though he didn’t play one minute last season because of his ailing knee.

Yet and still, this hasn’t deterred the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Dallas Mavericks, and the Atlanta Hawks from pursing Bynum and hoping his knee is healed and he returns to his old self.

But why are these teams willing to take this chance? Let’s dig into this.

Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks just want a name to possibly build around. If Bynum is healthy, he can definitely be that guy. A healthy Bynum would also allow them to slide Al Hortford to the power forward which would give them a formidable front line.

And with the cap space they have, maybe a front line of Hotford and Bynum would be enticing to someone (LeBron James) next summer.

Dallas Mavericks

Dirk Nowitzki needs help and a healthy Bynum could provide him with that help. And again, with their cap space, maybe a Nowitzki-Bynum pair would be enticing to someone (LeBron James) next summer.

Seeing a pattern yet?

Cleveland Cavaliers

There’s not much analysis needed for this case. The Cavs just want to assemble enough talent, without blowing cap space to lure James back to Cleveland. And that’s why they reportedly will only offer Bynum a one-year deal.

If it works out, the Cavs have both Kyrie Irving and Andrew Bynum to dangle in front of LeBron. If it doesn’t, they can kick him to the curb and try to lure LeBron some other way.

So long story short, Andrew Bynum is just a pawn that could just as well become an important piece for one of these teams if he’s healthy.

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