When police came to Aaron Hernandez’s home with the news of Odin Lloyd’s death, Hernandez slammed the door in their faces

aaron hernandezThe judge in the Aaron Hernandez murder case ordered that evidence in case be unsealed and released to the public despite opposition from Hernandez’s defense team. At this very moment, reporters are combing through the evidence which we’ll gather up later tonight.

But until then, here’s a rather bizarre detail that has already emerged from the evidence. According to the Boston Globe’s Metro Desk, when police came to Hernandez’s home to inform him of Odin Lloyd’s death, Hernandez slammed his front door in their faces. In contrast, Hernandez’s girlfriend Shayanna Jenkins broke down and began crying.

Shayanna Jenkins broke into tears when she was told that Odin L. Lloyd had been murdered, but her boyfriend Aaron Hernandez slammed the door in the face of police – and never asked them whose death they were investigating, according to court records released this afternoon.

Jenkins was also cooperating with police in their investigation until Hernandez told her to stop doing so.

The interplay between Jenkins and police came to an abrupt end when Hernandez called her on her cell phone and told her his “sports agent said she should not speak with police’’ without a lawyer present.

No wonder the defense didn’t want this evidence released.

We’ll have more on this later tonight.

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