Urban Meyer won’t talk about Aaron Hernandez, but he will talk about Tim Tebow

tebow-hernandezUrban Meyer’s tenure at the University of Florida was full of wins, championships, awards, and players getting in trouble. Meyer was lauded for the wins, championships, and awards, and roundly criticized for his players running afoul. And once the wins, championship, and awards became sparse and the players continued to run afoul, Meyer snuck out the back door.

It’s clear that Meyer wants to be judged on how his players handle themselves on the field and not how his players handle themselves off the field. When a player becomes a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback, Meyer is there to bask in the glory. But when a player has countless off the field issues that were not addressed, then the player finds himself in bigger trouble, Meyer wants no parts of that.

Case in point, when Meyer was questioned about former Gator Aaron Hernandez and his situation and how it could affect his teammate and former Gator Tim Tebow at a youth football camp in Ohio, he wanted no part of a discussion about Hernandez.  But he was ready and willing to talk Tebow.

Two questions into the eight-minute session, Meyer was asked about former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez, a player he coached from 2007-09 at Florida. Hernandez was charged with murder last week in connection with the killing of Odin Lloyd. The Patriots released Hernandez, who had close to 2,000 receiving yards in three NFL seasons, shortly after the arrest.

“I’m not going to talk about that,” Meyer said.

Hernandez’s problems could impact the future of another prominent player Meyer coached at Florida.

The Patriots signed former Gator quarterback Tim Tebow last month. Tebow is listed as a quarterback on the roster. But the combination of Hernandez’s release and Rob Gronkowski’s back injury will impact the Patriots at a key position.

Could the 6-foot-3, 245-pound Tebow play tight end in the NFL?

“I don’t doubt Tim can do anything,” said Meyer, who speaks with Tebow regularly. “If you are asking me, that’s all speculation. He’s a good athlete, incredible competitor. To play NFL tight end now. …There’s only a few of them that can do that.”

As usual, Meyer only wants to be defined by the “good” parts of his tenure at Florida and not the “bad” parts.

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