Some NFL scouts are reportedly turned off by Johnny Manziel’s lack of maturity

johnny manzielRumors and Rants has had the college football world buzzing over the past week with a report that Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel was sent home from the Manning Passing Academy by Archie Manning. Why? Because Manziel couldn’t make it to morning meetings because he’d been out partying all night.

Of course, Manziel showed up to SEC Media Days and denied it all as you’d expect him to. Then, Rumors and Rants upped the ante and reported that everything Manziel said at SEC Media Days was a lie. And even went as far to say that Manziel lied to his own mother about why he missed meeting at the camp.

Rumors and Rants contends that Manziel didn’t even stay on campus at Nicholls State that night where the camp was being held. Instead, he was spotted in New Orleans on Bourbon Street. Something that a “source” denies to Bruce Feldman of CBS Sports.

But to most of us (and Manziel himself), getting kicked out of a summer camp isn’t of great importance. But what is of great importance is how those in the NFL are taking all of this. Manziel is definitely a young college kid that loves to have a good time. But it seems that some in the NFL are growing tired of the “young college kid” part of it being used as an excuse. And according the National Football Post, some NFL scouts are starting to get turned off by what they call a lack of maturity on Manziel’s part.

“I was especially interested in his comments about being just a ’20-year-old’ kid,” said one regional scout who primarily works the SEC schools. “I’m tired of that excuse. If I had (Manziel) in an interview, and (suggested) to him that he was just a kid, he probably wouldn’t react well. He’s a 20-year-old man, he’d (protest). Well, he needs to start acting like one.” The scout quickly emphasized that, his personal feelings aside, the lack of maturity exhibited by Manziel probably wouldn’t greatly affect his draft status, if he’s in the lottery. “But it did,” he said, “turn me off some.”

There are already things about Manziel that scouts nitpicking about: his size, his arm strength. So it doesn’t bode well that some scouts are beginning to grow tired of his off the field pursuits as well.

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