Ryan Mathews just woke up and he knows nothing about a fight, denies that he was arrested

ryan-mathewsEarlier today, Examiner.com ran a story (that is still up at the moment) that San Diego Chargers running back Ryan Mathews was arrested Sunday night after an altercation at a San Diego bar. According to the report, a witness saw an intoxicated Matthews knocked out another man cold. The victim, according to the witness was taken UCSD medical hospital.

Fast forward a couple of hours later and we get word that San Diego police refute that Mathews was ever arrested, though they confirm the Examiner’s report that there was an altercation at the bar.

Officer Ed Zwibel said Mathews was not arrested or even stopped by police.

“Ryan Mathews was never alleged to have struck anybody in this incident. He is not a suspect in anything at this time.” Zwibel said.

One man suffered an injured lip during the fight and was taken to a hospital for treatment. Officers stopped two people leaving the area — neither of whom was Mathews, Zwibel said.

“He’s not involved in the battery case at all,” Zwibel said.

As for Mathews, he just woke up and after getting inundated with texts and phone calls about the altercation, he told Michael Gehlken of U-TSanDiego.com that he doesn’t know how his name got mixed up in all of this.

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