Report: Alex Rodriguez is trying to make a deal with MLB

Alex RodriguezOn the heels of MLB suspending Ryan Braun for the rest of the season, it seems that Alex Rodriguez has realized that Bud Selig is pretty serious about this Biogenesis case. So serious that Braun’s suspension could’ve been much worse if he hadn’t struck a deal with MLB to publicly admit his wrongdoing in exchange for a lighter suspension.

With this information in hand, Alex Rodriguez is quietly trying to strike a similar deal with MLB. But according to Wallace Matthews of ESPN, the chances of Rodriguez getting such a deal are slim to none.

“My understanding is he’s trying to make a deal,’’ a source said. “But I don’t think it’s going to happen [Monday].”

A source familiar with the discussions told T.J. Quinn of ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” that after MLB’s original meeting with Braun on June 29, at which he refused to answer questions about Biogenesis, he requested a second meeting. Braun, after realizing the significance of the evidence against him from questions in the first meeting, decided to meet again to strike a deal that would limit his suspension to this season, according to the source.

It is because of that deal that Braun’s suspension was announced Monday, the source told Quinn. The plan remains for the rest of the suspensions stemming from the investigation to be announced all at once.

Those suspensions will include Rodriguez, the source said. The length of his suspension is expected to be affected by MLB’s belief that he interfered with its investigation.

We haven’t heard of any other players trying to make deals, presumably because their suspensions may just be slaps on the wrists. But the fact that MLB doesn’t want to make a deal with Rodriguez may mean that they want to make an example out of him. Which probably wouldn’t bother the Yankees at all.

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