If amnestied by the Lakers, Metta World Peace only wants to play for a few select teams

metta-world-peaceYesterday, reports surfaced that Lakers forward Metta World Peace would be amnestied. And though the news isn’t quite official, teammate Kobe Bryant went ahead and voiced his displeasure about the move.

A day later we’re all at the point that it’s a foregone conclusion that World Peace will be amnestied, so now it’s time to discuss where World Peace could land. As usual Sam Amick of USA Today is all over this and he’s spoken to a source that says World Peace has a list of select teams he would like to play for.

And you can bet the list doesn’t contain the likes of the Sacramento Kings, Charlotte Bobcats, or the Milwaukee Bucks. Metta wants to go to a contender.

According to a person with knowledge of World Peace’s situation, the list of teams that he would most like to play for starts with the New York Knicks and is followed in order by the Los Angeles Clippers, Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs and the Indiana Pacers.

Out of all those teams, who would I like to see him sign with? The Knicks of course. Just to see how quickly he goes off the deep end playing with that cast of characters.

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