Dick Vitale is pretty angry that Ryan Braun didn’t get banned from baseball

dick vitaleThe reactions from Ryan Braun’s suspension are rolling in. Still no word from Aaron Rodgers about this, but we’ll keep you updated on that matter.

Anyhow, let’s turn our attention ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale who furious about Braun’s suspension. Not because it was too harsh, but because he believes it was too soft.

Vitale took to his Twitter account Monday night to rattle off hashtags like #LIAR, #FRAUD, and #BRAUNPHONY all in response to the suspension and Braun’s statement. All of that to say that Vitale believes that Braun should’ve been banned from baseball.

Just take note of the progression of Vitale getting more and more furious about the news.

So why did this magnificent rant finally come to an end? Well, Vitale had to cool down to ready himself for his tennis match, naturally.

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