Alex Rodriguez reportedly getting a second opinion on quad strain behind the Yankees’ back

alex rodriguezWell, well, well. We have yet another rather entertaining story about Alex Rodriguez. This particular tale started yesterday when the Yankees announced that a MRI revealed a Grade 1 quad strain that would put Rodriguez on the shelf for 7-10 days.

But instead taking the MRI as gospel, Rodriguez decided that he wanted to get a second opinion on his injury. And he also decided to not inform the Yankees of his decision to get a second opinion on his injury.

The Post learned Rodriguez intended to go for a second opinion to Dr. Bryan Kelly, who performed his hip surgery last winter. However, general manager Brian Cashman told me he spoke directly to Rodriguez and was assured the one-time slugger is not going for a second opinion. However, after that, my source once again reiterated Rodriguez will indeed see Kelly, just he doesn’t feel like he has to keep the Yankees informed about seeing a doctor not employed by the team.

That A-Rod is even considering a second opinion on something as relatively minor as a quad strain suggests a continuing distrust of the Yankees, and wanting to make sure they are not keeping him sidelined to collect insurance money.

So if this is to be believed, Rodriguez not only want his money, he also wants to screw the Yankees in the process.

Then, there’s this conspiracy theory floating around the league:

That notion makes Yankees defenders cackle — and not just because it insinuates they are falsifying MRI results. But because there have been executives in the game saying for weeks that A-Rod would make sure he never reached the field. The theory went that if he proved incapacitated before a suspension came — that two major hip surgeries left him unable to play on a major league level — he could retire with cause before an MLB suspension was handed out, thus protecting his future salary (more than $100 million) or, perhaps, get paid if he had a personal insurance policy.

No matter which conspiracy theory you believe, they both end at the same destination. Rodriguez gets paid and the Yankees get screwed. And I enjoy every minute of it.

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  1. We will forever BELIEVE in AROD. Period. When ever Alex comes back, he will do the almost impossible. This is our MAN! Things happen to fellows. Perceptions! Perceptions will not cut it for us. ALEX? We love U. The persistent prejudice against this LATINO charm is enough!
    God bless Ameirca!

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