Aaron Hernandez jerseys are selling like crazy on eBay

aaron hernandezWhile I was away, Aaron Hernandez got into some trouble. And by trouble I mean he was charged with first degree murder.

By now, you know all the details and you’ve seen Hernandez forced into the perp walk while news cameras rolled, so we won’t get into any of that. But what we will get into is the story of how a man set to make $15 on eBay by selling his Aaron Hernandez jersey and ended up making $289. Yes, $289.

So who in their right mind would pay $289 dollars for a jersey of a player that may spend the rest of his life in prison? A man that admits that he can’t even tell his wife about the purchase, that’s who.

When John Lamothe first learned that Aaron Hernandez was under investigation for a murder, he was crushed. Lamothe, who lives in Florida, is a huge Patriots fan, and he especially liked Hernandez because they had gone to the same school, the University of Florida.

But when the sordid details about the case piled on by the day, Lamothe looked at the Number 81 Aaron Hernandez Patriots jersey in his house and knew he wanted it gone.

“I thought about giving it to Goodwill,” he said, “but I didn’t think anybody would want it.”

So instead, he put it on eBay, the online auction site. “I thought I might get $15 for it,” he said.
On Sunday, it sold for $289.

Lamothe said the person who bought his jersey told him just two things: He had overpaid, and he did not want his wife to know what he had done.

Oh, and if you think that this guys who paid $289 for the jersey is the craziest man alive, you’re wrong. Apparently, there are other people out there paying too much more for any and all Aaron Hernandez memorabilia all over eBay.

“I can’t think of any reason why people would want it,” said Lynn L’Heureux of Oxford, whose $100 Hernandez jersey is up to $127 on eBay. “They might think it will go up in value later on, and maybe it will, but I’m not interested. I just don’t want it in my possession. I want to use the money to buy a jersey that reflects my pride in the Patriots.”

Brett Iannazzo, a 16-year-old from Methuen, put his signed Hernandez Super Bowl jersey on eBay because he felt it was no longer worthy to be in his house, where the living room is painted red, silver, and blue and a framed Tom Brady jersey hangs on the wall.

“I loved Hernandez. I had his rookie jersey. Whenever I got a double in baseball, I’d do his end zone dance; take out the briefcase and make it rain,” he said. “Now, I’m done with that. I’m done with him.”

With a couple of days to go before the end of the auction, Iannazzo’s $100 jersey is already up to $142.50 on eBay. “Maybe they’re people who collect strange items. I know someone who bought a Nazi Germany jacket. Why would anyone buy something like that?”

People are crazy.

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