A fake Alex Rodriguez Facebook page is calling for July 3 to be ‘National Pray for A-Rod Day’


Facebook can be entertaining, particularly when they’re either hacked or fake. In this particular occasion, there is a fake Facebook Alex Rodriguez page floating around looking to make July 3 “National Pray for A-Rod Day”.
The fake Facebook page is calling for a day designated for everyone to send prayers up for A-Rod because his feelings are “hurt deeply” after being trashed in the media by GM Brian Cashman.

Here’s the page’s plea:

This past week New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman said that MLB All-Star Alex Rodriguez needed to “Shut the F@#$-up.” Alex is a sensitive man and this hurt his feelings deeply.

A-Rod is an incredible talent and The Yankees have sorely missed him during his recovery from hip surgery. There are times when we all need to put our thoughts on the individual first and the team second. What must be going through his mind, knowing that his own GM uses foul language? What kind of mental anguish must this cause?

Therefore, on July 3rd 2013, America will come together and offer a moment of thought or silent prayer for the injured Yankee. This day will now be known as National Pray for A-Rod Day. Please join the millions of Americans who will take time out of their busy schedules to think about Alex Rodriguez for ten to fifteen minutes. Remember, this isn’t about baseball, it’s about A-Rod.

God Bless.

A-Rod is set to start his rehab assignment on July 2, so A-Rod probably does need our prayers.

H/T Hardball Talk

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