A brawl erupted in a Connecticut diner after someone shouted, ‘Hey, Aaron Hernandez’

aaron hernandezAside from people spending too much of their hard earned money on Aaron Hernandez jerseys, here’s what else happening on the “people doing crazy things in response to the Aaron Hernandez story” front.

In Connecticut over the weekend, a brawl erupted at a diner when a patron shouted, “Hey, Aaron Hernandez” in response to another patron that looked like Hernandez. Coincidentally, the patron that looked like Aaron Hernandez was actually his brother DJ.

Someone shouted “Hey, Aaron Hernandez” after seeing a man the person thought looked like the former Patriots star and Bristol native who was charged with murder last week, police said. A fight broke out, and two of the three people who were arrested as a result told police that they had been sitting with DJ Hernandez, Aaron Hernandez’s brother.

Two of the alleged combatants and a woman who had been sitting at a nearby table were injured, police said. All declined medical treatment.

Once again, people are crazy.

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