Reggie Miller joined the Warriors in the locker room after series ending win over the Nuggets, says sh*t on live TV

reggie miller

The Golden State Warriors eliminated the Denver Nuggets with a 92-88 win in Game 6 on Thursday night. Shortly after the game, something bizarre happened.

Reggie Miller made his way to the Warriors locker room and gave the team a congratulatory speech complete with hugs for former teammate Warriors head coach Mark Jackson. Obviously, that’s not the bizarre part.

The bizarre part in all of this is that Miller had just worked the game and is supposed to be an objective observer seeing as though that’s what TNT pays him to be. And to make things even more bizarre TNT cameras followed Miller into the locker room and let a national television audience see their analyst who just worked the game celebrate with one of the teams from said game.


Oh, and Reggie Miller said “sh*t” too.

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