Hines Ward: Football isn’t ready for a gay player

hines wardIn the wake of Jason Collins announcing to the world that he’s gay, everyone in the media business is scrambling to get the reaction of any and every athlete they come in contact with.

Erik Kuselia is part of the media business and when former Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Hines Ward joined him on NBC Sports radio, Kuselia followed suit and asked about his reaction to Collins’ revelation.

And while Collins’ revelation seemed to have gone over quite well, Ward thinks that the same reaction couldn’t be expected for a gay football player. Because in his mind, the time isn’t right.

“I don’t think football is ready,” Ward told host Erik Kuselia. “There’s too many guys in the locker room and, you know, guys play around too much.”

Ward, who retired before the 2012 season, said he will have nothing but support for any active player who does decide to come out publicly.

“Hopefully one guy comes out of the closet and [will] be comfortable with himself,” Ward said. “I don’t have anything against a gay football player or a gay person period, so if he does, he has support from me. I want people to live their lives for who they are and don’t have to hide behind closed doors to do that.”

If you recall, Mike Freeman of CBS Sports reported back in March that some believe that the time is right for a gay NFL player to come out. And that the concern isn’t in the locker room, but outside of it.

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