Zab Judah loses his mind at press conference after claiming Angel Garcia called him a ‘f*cking n*gga’

zab judahDanny Garcia will defend his WBC and WBA super lightweight titles against Zab Judah at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Saturday night. But the fireworks started at the pre-fight conferences on Thursday when Judah was not allowed to enter the press conference by Golden Boy Promotions and Al Haymon.

The move was apparently made to give each camp separate time on stage. A move Judah didn’t appreciate citing that he and his team waiting for hours in the basement and wasn’t provided any food or water.

Meanwhile, Danny Garcia was in press conference promising to KO Judah and according to Judah, Danny’s father Angel called him a “f*cking n*gga”.

That was enough to send Judah off the deep in. And once he showed up for his press conference, after apparently leaving the building then returning, he let Oscar De La Hoya have it and had very choice words for Angel Garcia.

Bad Left Hook transcribed a good portion of his comments:

To Oscar: “You a professional promoter! Do your research, bro!”

“Angel was the one calling me names, talking loud. Then when the real deal starts, he wants to call for 1000 police officers.”

“If you wanna be a gangster, be a gangster all the way. If you wanna be Al Capone, be Al Capone all the way. Don’t go halfway with it.”

“He’s going to sleep! He’s going to sleep! It’s not a game. Welcome to Brooklyn. This is terrible right here, what they’re doing.”

“This has nothing to do with Zab vs the Puerto Ricans. My wife is Puerto Rican! This is Zab vs Danny and his dumb ass dad.”

“They make it like I ran out the building and I’m unprofessional or I’m some street thug. Far from that. I have class about myself.”

“My wife, my son. I see little Zab right there! My daughter’s right there! What are they gonna do? This is our city! They can’t come to their father’s press conference. Why? Because the Garcias are scared?”

“The reason why you guys know me and know my name, I’m back. Hand speed, power, style, defense, it’s all here. Locked and loaded.”

“Angel Garcia is a dopehead. He must be a drug addict or an ex-drug addict or something, because he can’t control himself.”

“My defense is impeccable! My hands are super fast! My power is devastating! I got more KOs than the boy got fights!”

“You talk about hooks? I live in Vegas! The hometown of the hookers! I duck ’em and dodge ’em every day!”

“The beast was already woken up. I sharpened the razors up. I’ve never had this problem.”

“Angel can’t get under my skin, man. He’s an addict, man. I don’t worry about dudes like that.”

Here’s Judah’s full press conference:

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